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Why I love working with clients and their character strengths.

One of the major reasons I became a coach comes from my life experience. I realized I love seeing people thrive.

My journey of coming out, was truly to discover and to accept myself for who I am. Not to be the person everyone expected of me. The more I lived a life of that the more I realized I was not being authentic, the more I was becoming a stranger to myself.

I felt a cage being built around me, one that I eventually realize was one I was creating, trying to be something or someone I was not.

As a teen, the more I expressed who I was the more rejection I received.

I was too much,
My thoughts were too wild, or I was too optimistic.
I was a dreamer

In my adult life, as I ran my business and stepped into leadership both in my business and as a pastor authenticity became a huge part of my mission. Integrity became important to me. I did not realize it back then, I was experiencing one of my signature strengths.

I started to experience firsthand what the power of character strengths had on myself first and on my business and life second.