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Why I love working with clients and their character strengths.

One of the major reasons I became a coach comes from my life experience. I realized I love seeing people thrive.

My journey of coming out, was truly to discover and to accept myself for who I am. Not to be the person everyone expected of me. The more I lived a life of that the more I realized I was not being authentic, the more I was becoming a stranger to myself.

I felt a cage being built around me, one that I eventually realize was one I was creating, trying to be something or someone I was not.

As a teen, the more I expressed who I was the more rejection I received.

I was too much,
My thoughts were too wild, or I was too optimistic.
I was a dreamer

In my adult life, as I ran my business and stepped into leadership both in my business and as a pastor authenticity became a huge part of my mission. Integrity became important to me. I did not realize it back then, I was experiencing one of my signature strengths.

I started to experience firsthand what the power of character strengths had on myself first and on my business and life second.

Fast forward to now. I love learning and being of service to my clients. We are always growing and learning.

When I discovered what character strengths were, I knew I discover something that I was very familiar with and how powerful they can be on a person and their life, family and career.

Seligman (2002) offered several ways to think about signature strengths, suggesting that a signature strength would meet most, if not all, of these criteria.

  1. A sense of ownership and authenticity (“this is the real me”)

  2. A feeling of excitement while displaying it

  3. A rapid learning curve as the strength is first practiced

  4. A sense of yearning to find new ways to use it

  5. A feeling of inevitability in using the strength (“Try and stop Me”)

  6. Creation and pursuit of personal projects that revolve around it

  7. Joy, zest, Enthusiasm, even ecstasy while using it

Do any of these statements feel appealing to you?

What would experiencing any of these statements do for you right now?

How would this change your life, your family dynamics, and your career if you stepped into any of these statements?

Book a discovery call to learn more about your unique character strengths.

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