What is Sales? What is Business?

Business and Sales,

What does it mean to me?

Recently I responded to a post on one of the Facebook pages I am part of. The person asked about how you sell to coaching clients? First of all let me share that the word “Sell” has a very negative meaning to me.

I have been in the “sales” world for many years. I was a Clothing sales person, a Jewellery sales person etc. To me sales is not at all sales. No one can be sold anything they don’t want or need. The reality is that you either purchase on emotion or logic. To me the word sales is really an opportunity to develop a relationship and educate someone. People purchase on need or want it is that simple.

So as a “Sales person” It is my job to either develop a relationship with the customer and to identify the motivation they are purchasing a product or service. 99% of the motivation behind looking for a product of service is either a need or a want.

So I as the person who they came to has responsibility of educating them on the limited or vast knowledge that I have to offer.

Note the word Offer.

What do I have in my inventory or in my business capacity to offer a client to meet their need or want.

This bring us to basic business. Business is fundamentally offering to fill a gap in our economy to meet either needs or wants.

Business Is Relationship

I realize in today’s market place business can be virtual,cyber or what ever they call it these days. Getting to know a client appears to be rare. However I would like to challenge that. All business whether you sell on-line or in person boils down to a person looking to meet a need or a want and trusting “cyber or in person” the other party will meet that need or want.

Business is Trust

When I purchase an item on line I “test” my trust. Will I receive this item or not? When that order is filled or that service is filled I get a feeling of satisfaction. It is that feeling that will build the confidence in me, from my experience to purchase again. The more I do this the deeper my belief in my trust that the service provider will most likely fulfil my order. As long as I have success in getting what I want or feeling I am satisfied with the my expectation I will continue to do business with that business over and over again. In each transaction I am “trusting” more and more. It is only when I am unsatisfied with the service that my trust is waved or reconsidered.

Business is really developing trust and meeting a need and want.. the need is my need to believe I can trust. The want is either the product or service that is required or desired.

So sales to me is an opportunity to develop a relationship to have a client trust me.

What need/want are you filling ?

Now comes Value...... (to be continued)

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