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Follow your energy!

Happy New Year to you all. May 2020 be an exciting new adventure for you.

Follow your energy.


What does that mean?

I recently read an article about building your worklife around energy. They state that people who do this are more productive. I have attached the article for you here.

As most of you may know I have recently moved to Stratford, Ontario. What most of you may not know is that I have moved 37 times in my life including this move. Since meeting my husband, I have lived in Toronto in the same apartment for over 11 years now. This was historic, as I have never lived in one building for that length of time. I needed this move in more ways that I can mention.

This Was Historic

The most noticeable is that I have found my energy again. Prior to our move I was accomplishing my goals but not as fast as I am use to. If you know me, I get stuff done, normally. The last few years even though, I earn my Certified Bookkeeper Designation, I restructured my company from bookkeeping/consulting to coaching, started and completed my coaching education over two years, I earned my coaching designation and several assessment tools including DISC, the full package of accreditation's with TILT365

Something was still off.

All this change in business was great but I still came home to the same place, same furniture and life was pretty well stable for the past 11 years. Even through my illness I found comfort in this stability.

But, Too much of a good thing….

For me, now that I have moved, the realization that I needed a change in my home life was evident. That’s what I was missing.

So what does that have to do with energy?

Well you see. Since the move I have fond my energy again. I love setting up home. I love being creative with a purpose. Meaning, I create not only for enjoyment but for function as well. Nothing give me more pleasure than to see a need and be creative to fulfill that need.

To build and solve a problem with my hands by creating things that will give me great satisfaction in having this creation be an fictional every day item. Yes...

Empty Wall, I hang pictures, new cupboard, Let’s make it fictional and well organized space. Purchase two organizers that need to be built and installed. Cutlery drawer needs cutlery dividers. No plastic for us.Pick up some wood and let’s make a custom cutlery drawer, Oh the love of power tools. No drapes or blinds. Drapes too expensive. I am game to create some awesome drapes. (no, I have never done that before, figuring it out is half the fun.)

I think you get the picture.

When I am honoring my creative need for setting up home and making things pretty and functional I am in my element at home. I can work for hours and hours and hours. All day to the point of exhaustion and get back up the next morning and do it again.

I knew my creative side was not being nurtured when we lived in Toronto. Halloween I love and can plan for months. But when your home is so perfect there is nothing left to do and Halloween or other projects just don’t get your fire going There is something deeper happening.

I needed move number 37.

Change is good.. Scary and good, but my energy is lifted up with some change.

I promised myself that I will follow my energy in Spectrumx, but I was not following my energy at home.

I share with my clients....

"What is happening in you personally or at home, WILL, affect your business".

I was stuck at home… no wonder I felt stuck. I was longing for change at home.

Honour all of you.. and watch your energy.

When have you noticed an increase in energy?

What does that say on a deeper level?

Have you experienced this at home or work? Let's Talk....

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