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noun 1. willingness to take risks and act innovatively; confidence or courage. "the boldness and independence that characterized his leadership"

2. the quality of having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance.

"the boldness of the hues are very startling"

If you have been following my posts you know I am preparing to move. This will be my 37th move in my life, yes 37th time. Yet, this is the first time I will be living in two homes. You see we will be living in Stratford from Friday to Monday and Toronto from Tuesday to Thursday.

The excitement is the positive energy that fuels me.

As much as I have moved that many times, I have been noticing how I am feeling inside. I go from excitement to fear in a split second. The excitement is the positive energy that fuels me. Yet I see it is also boldness as well.

The boldness I have been missing for a while.

Prior to us deciding to change our life so boldly. My husband and I hit a milestone. 11 years together and 11 years in our apartment in Toronto. I have never lived in the same place or city for. 11 years. I am realizing that being comfortable made me a bit complacent. As I reflect, I am wondering if, perhaps I am a change junkie or at least I have been longing to some boldness. This move is exactly what I need.

At 53 years old and 37 moves under my belt living somewhere for so long was a milestone.

It takes boldness to move so many times. To start over. The whole process of moving is deciding what to keep and what to purge. Purging take boldness. Letting go of things you don’t need or may not want. The emotional journey relived, good or bad relived.

It takes boldness to face yourself again. We are masters of hiding emotions or at least storing them away. We are masters of hiding stuff. Moving exposes all that we had locked away.

It takes boldness to move.

Where do you find your boldness?


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