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Authentic Growth

It's through connection we are lifted up

Today I had a coaching session with one of my amazing colleagues from Adler. We alternate coaching between us weekly. Not only does this process support the power and benefit of true coaching for an entrepreneur. I personally love how unstuck I can get from something I am struggling with. The ICF coaching process and framework WORKS powerfully.

In today's session I shared with my coach that I am struggling as most entrepreneurs do, between the balance of working in their company to working on their company. Yes, I realize this is exactly my field of coaching. Which is why I also need it.

I have shared with you that the struggle between marketing on line vs real authentic relationships is not a myth. I asked my coach today to coach me on how I can grow my business and I needed focus on real methods with real results.

Her question to me was: How did you get your current clients? Simple but powerful question isn’t it?

I started my prior business, Spectrum Bookkeeping with $2500.00, an office and some furniture, and one client that would pay for the costs of operating my company. I built the company to over 6 figures gradually with the help of a coach, staff and most of all the relationships I built with clients and Friends.

The trap in micro businesses is always the fear we are not advertising and marketing enough. So, we spend money in Ads and Online. People from large companies will call you and promise you huge returns on their programs ie XYZ Directory Online Marketing Co.etc. The fact is Business Is relationship especially in the micro business world.

I shared with my coach that all my clients came from either Meeting them at social parties or through friends and acquaintances or through referrals. One or two of them came from business networking events, but most, from casual encounters at parties and or client referrals.

So, what did I learn from that?

Now, as I venture into SpectrumX Coaching, a company that I have vowed to have more of me in it, than any of my other companies have had.

We joked that I was a party animal and that I should party more LOL. The reality is the more social and at ease I am the easier it is for me to connect with people and be open. In other words, building authentic relationships! When the time comes the trust has been built enough that people, I have some sort of connection to, are more likely to refer someone to me.

What does that say about relationships?

In the book that I often say is the best business book I have ever read “ Great CEO’s and how they are made” states, the job of a CEO is to share their vision, to EVERYONE.

  • Is my vision my passion?

  • Is my vision who I am as a business owner?

  • Is my vision the company I created that I am charged with being the steward of?

My relationships, the energy that I put into them and they into me, with no agenda of personal or business growth but rather for the purpose of caring sharing and being real.

If I am truly going to honour my energy this year these are the questions, I need to ask in order to travel the path I plan on taking.

How does Phil build relationships?

How does Phil connect to people?

What are my strengths that I can honour and excel in?

So, with all that said I have decided to look for an activity that I enjoy. Like minded people and share who I am and be true to myself. I am considering Indoor Rock Climbing. Are my clients there? I don’t know. Is it someplace I can enjoy, be real and share my self and my passion? Yes!

Now, let me clarify my view on online marketing and the other stuff we hear all around us.

Do I believe in an online presence, Yes?

Do I believe we need to find OUR way to navigate the web and social media, Yes?

Do I believe we need to invest in some sort of consistent, reasonably priced advertising YES? This solidifies you as a legit business for those who do come to you generically through adds etc.

I don’t know the answers to social media or what people should do or should not do. All I am saying is that we owe it to ourselves to learn and empower ourselves with the knowledge and then test, check, and decide what works for US.

This is why I created the Facebook group U In Business. I want a place to connect entrepreneurs in a genuine and authentic way. Just people sharing what they do and why.

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