Mentorship Programs

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This program is designed to inform someone who has never been in business before of what is involved in being an entrepreneur in today's world. 
Looking to focus on your business, or are you an entrepreneur looking to create a plan for your business. Our focus program is designed to help you create a business plan and set goals and have a business coach during the process. 
We work with you to create a plan that you design then when completed you gain the benefits of a coach that not only knows you but knows your business too. 
We know businesses grow fast and when you have employees there are many areas that need your attention. Our strategy program helps you develop an in-depth strategic plan and have a business coach there each step of the way. At the completion of this program, you will have a fully developed strategic plan that has identified key areas of focus and have the benefit of a business coach for the remainder of the program to help you stay focused and accountable along the way.