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Tilt365 Workshops

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tilt 365 was recently named among Training Industry's Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Companies of 2018. This comes after first being named in 2017 — an important milestone for a tech startup. Tilt 365 has set itself apart by striving to measure a new dimension of leadership assessment – character strengths – which can be used to enhance agility and innovation.

The purpose of our workshops is to deepen learning about agile methods that can increase the velocity of productivity, creativity and innovation for any team. Your Master Agility Practitioner will help you build a strong team climate where real talk, immediate feedback and courageous risk-taking are the new normal. Your coach will challenge assumptions and help your team learn how to avoid stress triggered conflict, releasing more energy for cross-functional productivity and efficiency.

for Internal Agility 
(Half Day Workshop) 
for External Agility
(Half Day Workshop)
for Team Agility
(Half Day Workshop)
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Giving a Presentation



Beyond your natural strengths and tendencies, or “True Tilt,” we help you learn how to Tilt into other patterns to handle challenging situations with greater agility.


This learning is anchored with a personal action plan.


Tilt Presence is our introductory workshop and is suitable for everyone! It is especially powerful when used with an intact, cross-functional or self-managed team, but individuals can gain powerful self awareness on their own.


  • Improve self-awareness about stress-triggering behaviors in personality.

  • Increase internal strength and reduce ego-sensitivities enabling a feedback rich climate.

  • Provide a framework and language for real talk and courageous action in culture.

  • Educate team members on how agile methods can improve creative flow.

  • Increase velocity of productivity, creativity and innovation exponentially.

What to Expect:

A highly engaging and relevant learning experience that includes self-reflection, small group interaction, and large group discussion.

A specific development plan for each participant that challenges the status quo.



Character strengths are crucial for positive influence, but overusing or underusing any trait with excessive frequency can shrink

your influence. In this workshop, you will learn a practical approach to recognizing habitual behaviours that you didn’t even realize were negatively impacting your interactions with others. More importantly, you will learn a process for changing those habits one at a time balancing yourself holistically so that your positive influence will grow and expand over time.




While the Tilt Influence workshop is optimized for intact teams, anyone who has attended our Tilt Presence workshop

and is ready to deepen their learning may attend.



  • Increased self-awareness, productivity, creativity, and innovation

  • A framework and common language for real talk and courageous action at work and elsewhere

  • Improved climate and interactions among team members who continuously work their development plans

What to Expect:

An engaging learning experience that playfully explains the motivations behind interpersonal interactions


A framework for habit change that works for a lifetime


A personalized action plan to achieve your developmental goals




Teams that are focused on innovation behave differently from teams that are focused on collaboration. The same is true of teams that are focused on alignment or execution. However, highly effective teams must innovate, collaborate, align, and execute at different points in time. This is where intentional Tilting as a team becomes a key differentiator. In teams that are agile at Tilting intentionally, everyone consciously adjusts their behaviour to suit the current focus. These agile teams thrive in even the most challenging situations.


Any intact team with members who have attended our Tilt Presence workshop may complete the Tilt Strategies for Teams workshop. These teams should also consider completing the Tilt Influence workshop, depending on their objectives.


  • Increased team productivity, creativity, and innovation.

  • Improved relationships, reduced silos, and faster conflict management.

  • Identified habits that drive and accelerate team performance.

  • A framework and common language for real talk and courageous action among team members.

What to Expect:

An engaging learning experience that brings the Tilt Framework alive in the room for increased engagement and rapid learning.

Exploration of your strategic goals on a validated visual framework.

A fun and playful approach that enables courageous dialogue and honesty.

Insights about what you need to stop doing or start doing to become more agile.

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The above workshop description can be found on the Tilt365 official website and the attached (images) Tilt365 Workshop spec sheets. Contact us directly for our pricing of these specific workshops. Price based on number of Teams and number of individuals in each team.

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