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SpectrumX BBR- Basic Business Realness. 

The 3 Stages of opening a business.


1. Planning Stage:

  • Business plan

  • Business structure

  • Business name


2. Action/ Setup Stage:

  • Finance - Bank account and Credit Card

  • Website and email

  • Government

  • Operation- Information flow.

  • Accounting- Record keeping.

  • Team


3. Go -– Your in business.

Introduction to our video series

Planning: Business Plan part 1 

BBR- Planning: Business Plan - 

 part 2

BBR - Planning: Business Structure

BBR - Planning: Business Names

BBR- Action: Bank and Credit Card

BBR - Action: Website and email

BBR - Action: GST/HST

BBR- Action: Operations

BBR - Action: Record Keeping

BBR - Action: Team

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