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Coaching Programs

Job Interview
Entrepreneur Hybrid Program

(Get focused and develop new skills - Group coaching)

A program designed for entrepreneurs. Achieve your business goals faster. Experience the benefits of coaching, develop a connection with a entrepreneurial peers, while learning how to use valuable tools to set, measure, and reach your goals.

This is Virtual group class.

Learn from the comfort of your home. 

(Zoom Platform)

This course is not currently scheduled on our calendar of public courses. We are operating a waiting list and we will schedule the course when we have enough interest. Please click on the inquire button below to be placed on the waiting list. 

Leadership Coaching

(Pure Coaching)


You started your company, you grew your company but are feeling stuck or you are looking for support to take your business to the next level. Discover your inner expert. It is often said that the best advice is no advice. Have you ever wondered why they say that? As coaches, we believe that you can achieve any goals you are committed too. It is through deep reflection and an understanding of who we are, that allows us to really understand the impact of each choice we make. By working with a coach, you invest in yourself, your business and your future.

Similing Team
Organizational-Team Coaching

(Leadership coaching, Team Coaching, group facilitation and more)


Coaching geared to support your team or organization. Helping your group to become more efficient through the discovery of shared goals, common strengths and values. Promoting a collective or united identity will act as a catalyst for exceptional performance.

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