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To inspire people and to empower leaders.


Spectrumx provides small business organizations and their teams, strength-based coaching and meaningful learning that brings deeper insight to their people and their organization, creating a climate that sets goals, measures progress, and achieves results


  1. Fairness

  2. Trust

  3. Creativity

  4. Collaboration

Business is Relationship:

We enter business relationships with the understanding that we will treat each other with fairness and respect.

Business is Trust:

Trust is the foundation of all relationships.

Business is People:

People are why we do what we do. People are how we do what we do. People make it all happen. 

It is through the creativity and collaboration of our team our businesses move towards the vision and goals we set as leaders. Business is fulfilling the needs of our teams and our clients through employment and the creation of our products or services.

A chosen relationship based on trust between people to meet specific needs and or wants of individuals or organizations.  


  • Helping organizations from the inside 

  • Believing business is people

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Phillip Chisholm-DeVeau, CB, CPB, ACC
Founder and Director of Spectrumx.
I am, The Entrepreneur Career Coach
Helping Organizations from the inside.

I firmly believe that business is people. Teams support leaders and leaders drive the vision. My vision as a coach is to inspire people and to empower leaders through strength-based coaching and meaningful learning that brings deeper insights to aspiring or established leaders and their teams, creating a climate that sets goals, measures progress and achieve results.


When business owners work with me they tap into their own unique and authentic leadership style. From there we collaboratively work with their team. 

I have coached creative and courageous clients starting businesses, high potential individuals get clear on their career paths and goals, executives gain confidence through
everchanging environments.

My Business Experience

Helping small businesses for over 30 years with my ability to distilling complex situations into their basic elements.


Over 20 years as an entrepreneur, founding several companies both micro and small. 


Prior to moving into coaching and launching Spectrumx in 2017, I founded Spectrum Bookkeeping in 2013. Leading a team of bookkeepers and consulting client’s on organizational efficiencies. Whether that was improving how information flowed through their company, improving processes or sourcing technology that would simplify processes. Basically, I helped make their business run smoother. Coaching was a natural progression to the work I do with clients


As a former instructor at George Brown College in Toronto Ontario, I  approach clients with inquiry and an educating mindset. I have twenty-seven years in the jewellery industry in which I managed several retail locations, trained sales staff and new jewellery designers. Owned and operating my own successful Jewellery Design House as a result of developing an intact team. 

Helped many entrepreneurs set up their companies, aided in creating their business plans and mentored several entrepreneurs into building their dream entrepreneurial career. 


I mentored youth as a Youth Pastor in Saint John New Brunswick. to which I believe my love for coaching came from. Exploring your own thoughts, beliefs and insights is a powerful tool. 


I realized in working with people that sharing knowledge only goes so far in someone's personal development. So, I embarked upon a new career as an ICF Accredited Coach.


Coaching empowers clients, enhances their ability to learn to make real sustainable change and reach their desired

I am looking forward to working with you. 



Mission Vision and Values
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